How are we going to help when most needed?

To enable us to assist older persons when they need help most, we urgently need your financial assistance.

The role of older persons has changed drastically to that of parents a second time around to grandchildren in their care. Factors such as migration by parents (of grandchildren), unemployment, substance abuse, moral degeneration, high mortality rates due to HIV/AIDS and other opportunistic diseases, greatly impact on the quality of life of older persons in their twilight or golden years.

It is sad when hearing about an older person being traumatized by his/her drug addicted child or grandchild. Unfortunately the disrespect of older persons has become a norm in society, despite the fact that they are the backbones of familial structures, with their old age grant being the only form of income to extended families. Their responsibility towards school-going children in their care often adds to financial burdens and their psychological state because they are not always in a position to provide adequately for all those needs, not to mention their own!

Age-in-Action is called upon to assist on various levels to alleviate the plight of older persons.

Unfortunately, the organisation cannot continue to heed to the calls of this vulnerable sector of society without financial assistance to support our operations.

As we face a bitterly cold and wet winter, this is an earnest plea for your assistance in heeding to the call of this vulnerable and often.

Account name: Age-in-Action
Bank: ABSA 
Branch: Adderley Street, Cape Town
Branch code: 632005  
Account number: 01363190011