World Health Day: 7 April
World Parkinson's Day: 11 April
International Family Day: 15 May
World Hypertension Day: 17 May 
Pretty Things for Little Things: 1 June-31 August
International Mandela Day: 18 July
World Alzheimer's Day: 21 September
Week of the Older Persons in SA:  26 September to 2 October
International Day for Older Persons:  1 October
Grandparents Day® in SA:  4 October
International Arthritis Day: 12 October
World Diabetes Day: 14 November
World Aids Day: 1 December

Theme for the Year: 

Week of the Older Persons in SA -  28 September to 04 October

During this special week, we invite corporates, churches, communities and schools, to partner Age-in-Action in doing something special for our senior citizens in recognition for the sacrifices they have made to build up our country, as well as honour them for still being a reliable resource in our lives today. Link with your closest provincial office and find out how you can get involved in this exciting and rewarding exercise, as it would be a shame to let this week go by without acknowledging our older people.

International Day of Older Persons -  1 October

South Africa joins the world in celebrating International Day of Older Persons on this day.  It is a time not only to highlight their valuable contribution to the globe but also to stress their basic human rights.  Many older persons in South Africa are unaware of their rights and how to enforce them, due to a variety of reasons - see the Rights of the Elderly.   South Africans are welcome to link with Age-in-Action to draw attention to this important day.  Many older persons are victims of terrible abuse and crimes and it would be a good opportunity to try and foster respect and appreciation for these special people on this day.

Grandparents Day in SA - 4 October

Grandparents Day  has been celebrated globally for many years and initiated in South Africa by Age-in-Action in 1996 to emphasise the role of grandparents in the family and give them due recognition. The day is celebrated on the first Sunday of October, but is still relatively unknown to most South Africans. The purpose of this special day is to link the generations which, in our fast paced society, is dying out.  Grandparents have so much to offer, so much skills to transfer, so much good advice to give – what better time to do some of these activities but on Grandparents Day.  It is a great opportunity for families to get together, learn from each other and really make our grandparents feel part of mainstream society.  Too many of them are isolated, lonely and depressed so why not use this day to bring them some cheer.  For those who do not have a grandparent, go ahead and adopt one especially for this occasion.  It has been proven to be most therapeutic for both generations.  Churches and schools can particularly play a big role in creating awareness for this event by drawing the grandparents into their programme on this day – even shut-ins.  Quality time of this nature can never be measured in monetary terms but it is most rewarding.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - 15 June

Age-in-Action joined the rest of the world in drawing attention to the scourge of elder abuse and to break the silence.  The aim this day was to:

  • increase public awareness of elder abuse, i.e. what it is and where advice and assistance are available;

  • make the public more aware of the elderly in the communities; and

  • recognise elder abuse and take decisive action against it.

Over 3000 elderly persons participated in this awareness campaign - the oldest being 90 year old Mrs Lily Thomas from Phutanang Day Care Centre in the Northern Cape!